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How Our Radically Affordable Addiction Counseling Degree Changes Lives

After more than 20 years of working with addiction recovery programs, we have found that the most difficult part is not getting someone sober through a treatment program, but helping them stay sober after the program. Each year, thousands of former addicts successfully complete Christian recovery programs and establish their sobriety, but still struggle to find a job. Those that can’t find jobs often are drawn back into the cycle of addiction. Many of these people not only want to maintain their own sobriety, but have a passion for helping others out of addiction. However, they can’t afford the tuition of most Christian addiction counseling degrees, so the field remains closed to them.

City Vision’s Bachelor’s in Addiction Counseling is the most affordable online Christian degree in the field, at about half the tuition of other Christian schools. In order to make it even more accessible, it was designed with the needs of recent Christian recovery program graduates in mind.

We teach former addicts that God never wastes a painful experience, and that often the best addiction counselors are those who have recovered from addiction themselves. Those who graduate from our Addiction Counseling program typically get a job counseling hundreds of individuals where they are truly living out the parable of the sower and the seed, producing a crop of “a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” (Matt.13:8)

Addiction Counseling Testimonies

Jon Dean, BS in Addiction Counseling '20

Jon Dean was an addict for 22 years and a gang member for 27 years after starting drugs at age 13. He had a profound encounter with God that ultimately led him to decide to follow Jesus at the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission. He continued his recovery and discipleship through the House of Disciples in Longview, Texas and as a student in City Vision University’s Addiction Counseling program. Jon graduated with a bachelor’s degree and is now a case manager with the House of Disciples, where he works with recovering addicts and ex-offenders to help them experience the transformation that he did. 

“City Vision provided a Biblical understanding of addiction that helped transform my life.” – Jon Dean

Brittany Hargrove, BS in Addiction Counseling '17

Brittany Hargrove was introduced to drugs by hanging out with the wrong crowd in college. After she became addicted, she dropped out of college. When she was arrested, she was facing a prison sentence.

She turned back to Jesus, and entered a recovery program at St. Matthew’s House in Naples, FL where she was discipled and got free from her addiction. She completed her Bachelor’s in Addiction Studies through City Vision, and now counsels former addicts through St.Matthew’s House. She is happily married. Now she is enrolled in City Vision’s MBA program, and is on the way to bearing hundredfold fruit.

“City Vision is not only a school, but also a ministry.” – Brittany Hargrove

Educating Leaders as a Solution to the Addiction Epidemic

Addiction Counseling Faculty

  • Lynda Mitton, CAC III
    Addiction Counseling Chair
  • Rev.Michael Liimatta, CRADC, MARS, CPS
    Founding Dean, City Vision University
  • Bob Rapp, MAC
  • Lisa Hoffman, LMHC, LCAC
  • Greg Kirk, CAC
  • Lorraine Minor
  • Ian Howarth, LPC