Partner Story: Michelle Porter: Running a Mission with City Vision Graduates

Associate Director, Regina SK RESCUE Mission, 2012

I guess you could say that my view of City Vision University is biased, having been  the first person to ever receive a Bachelor in Rescue Ministries.  However, City Vision University has more than proved it’s effectiveness by playing a key part  in the founding of Regina RESCUE Mission.  In less than four years, it has allowed our expansion mission to grow to a budget of nearly $400,000!

City Vision University has allowed us to be blessed by young Bible College graduates with a heart for missions, who commit to spending one year to exercise their gifts and talents in the inner city.  Some answer the call to full-time city missions and have been a great source of staff, having been trained from the ground up!

We currently have five full-time employees who have completed City Vision University, and three others who have registered for individual classes.  I am excited about our latest student, Larry, who came up through our one-year LifeChange Recovery Program, was hired as a night watchman, and is now, after a total of 18 months, a full-time City Vision University intern.

The staff and interns possess a youthful energy and enthusiasm, combined with a thorough understanding of the overall picture of the ministry.  Without the training of key staff through City Vision University, Regina RESCUE Mission would not be where it is today.

[Edited May 2015; updated the institution’s name]