Micah Matthews, MBA ’23

Micah Matthews works for a Christian Community Development organization called Urban Vision in Akron, OH.  The ministry’s programs do a great job at reaching students and families, but he wanted to learn how the organization’s administration could run more efficiently. So he considered getting an MBA to help with that and looked online at many different places. He needed a degree that was online, affordable, and relevant. 

Then Urban Vision’s executive director ran into Dr. Sears and recommended Micah study at City Vision University. It felt like the work of God because City Vision was exactly what he was looking for. City Vision is a university that cares about reaching the least of these for Christ, while still supporting people in administrative roles. 

All of Micah’s classes and projects have been directly applicable to his work at Urban Vision. The professors basically said, “Do this for Urban Vision, and we’ll give you feedback. We’ll give you a degree for what you already need to do at work.” This is more than Micah ever expected from a degree.