Kaylee Aho ’21, YWAM Student Success Story

Kaylee Aho joined YWAM because she felt the call of God to missions. For several years, she worked with Iraqi and Syrian refugees in the Middle East. But when the challenges of the work led her to come back home, she said she “felt like she was starting over.” She had several years’ worth of college credits from YWAM’s University of the Nations, but the jobs she was considering required a bachelor’s degree. “The City Vision / YWAM partnership was huge” for her: all the credits from YWAM transferred, so she only had to do another year and a half of school.

And the classes at City Vision didn’t just get her a degree – they gave her clarity on her calling, and skills she could use for life, like developing a business plan and writing a resume. Now she works in marketing with Netflix. “I don’t think I could’ve gotten this job without [a degree from City Vision],” she said.

Even though she longer serves with YWAM overseas, she still has a vision to serve refugees in the US. She hopes to hire refugees to work at the baking business she operates with her husband. 

“My love for the Middle East didn’t stop when I left it, and City Vision has helped me move forward in that.” – Kaylee Aho