Intern Story: Allen Pickett – Seeing Urban Ministry from the Inside

Though I had accepted Christ when I was a teenager, it was not until my mid-twenties that Christ became real to me and I began a serious effort to follow Christ. My Christian walk led me to Holmeswood Baptist Church where I soon became very involved in several different areas of ministry. The area that gave me the most satisfaction was in the Missions area. I discovered I enjoyed working with ministries that helped the poor and needy. During the summer of 2002, I traveled to Waco, Texas to serve as a youth sponsor as part of a mission trip that involved a poverty simulation and working 5 days at a Rescue Mission. During this week, I felt God’s calling to a higher level of involvement in Rescue Ministry. When I returned home from Waco, I began to investigate what steps I could take to prepare myself for a career in Rescue Ministry.

During my research I found City Vision University on the internet and enrolled. One of the requirements of attending City Vision University [at that time] was that I serve an internship at an AGRM Rescue Mission. I was able to set up my internship at Kansas City Rescue Mission. A few weeks into my internship, I was made aware of an opening at KCRM for an Office Manager. I began to pray about whether I should pursue the position. I believe that God was providing a way for me to get into Rescue Ministry while I complete my education at City Vision University, so I applied for the position and was hired. The Office Manager position at KCRM requires that I work with all the different ministries of the Mission and has provided many learning opportunities for me. I think the City Vision University courses are challenging, but I am really enjoying them and am learning a lot.