Gerard Hennig, BS in Addiction Counseling ’20

“Before I found City Vision, I was losing hope that I would ever get my degree,” Gerard Hennig said. He had earned credit through his military service and from about 3 years’ study at another college. But then that college closed down and he wasn’t sure where to continue his studies until he found City Vision. City Vision accepted 90 credits, so he could start as a senior. City Vision’s affordability and flexibility helped him complete his studies. But more than that, the college’s staff supported him through the obstacles life put in his way.

“From day one ‘Miss Nancy’ [in Admissions] was praying with me and for me,” he said.  “All the way through to the final project in the final course, the timing was right for what God was doing in my life.” 

Now, Gerard is using his Addiction Counseling degree to address the brokenness that he’s seen in people’s lives while working as a pretrial officer. His vision is to start the “clean-cut recovery program.” He hopes to help ex-offenders receive barbershop training, so they are less likely to abuse substances and be imprisoned again.

Until I found City Vision, I didn’t have a vision. But God gave me the assurance I was right where I belonged.” – Gerard Hennig