Alumni Story: Debbie Doland

Union Gospel Mission, Salem, Oregon

Before Debbie Doland joined [the mission’s] staff, her mission experience was limited to occasional volunteering. Even though she was at an extraordinarily difficult point in her life—raising two boys who had recently lost their dad—her steadfast pursiut of Christ and commitment to stay at His side was an inspiration.

As she became involved in helping set up [UGM’s] Family Closet—a clothing, furniture and household ministry to troubled families—she wanted to equip herself to better serve the needy and the mission. After discussions with key staff, [her supervisor] was confident in recommending her for enrollment.

Once into City Vision University, she was diligent in her studies though she was also a full-time mom and employee. When an accident led to major surgery and a long period of recuperation, it seemed she might not be able to finish in time to graduate. But with prayer and diligence she completed her courses and graduated at the AGRM convention in Cleveland. Her teenage sons were also there to witness the fruit of their mom’s courageous effort.

She says City Vision University helped her realize how God accomplishes amazing things when people use their gifts to serve Him.

Debbie now manages the Family Closet Ministry and is a vital staff member in the UGM’s development department.

This testimonial was given in 2012.

[Edited May 2015; updated the institution’s name]