Antonio Rafael, Grad Certificate in Christian Ministry ’23

Antonio Rafael came from a Christian family and came to Christ at an early age. He always wanted to serve God but felt ill-equipped as to how to go about it. Then he became part of the fellowship program through EMI (Engineering Ministries International). This included getting a Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry from City Vision.

Studying at City Vision was empowering for him. It helped him learn more of what his faith actually is about and how God relates to us. Now he is way more confident when he speaks to people about the truths of his faith.

Antonio appreciated the engagement of the professors at City Vision as well as the diversity of the student body. He comes from Africa and knows his view of God is shaped by that culture. He was glad to be in a community where he could hear the perspectives of those from other cultures. He feels much more equipped to have difficult conversations about faith in a loving way. In a world where many have no hope, he is able to share that there is hope in Jesus Christ.